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'Fortnite' comes to Nintendo Switch today -

12 days ago · The rumors were true: Fortnite has arrived on the Nintendo Switch. As of 1PM Eastern, you can play Epic Games' battle royale shooter at home or on the move using the same console. It looks to be up to date, too, including newer Season 4 features like shopping carts. If you've been dying to play ...

'Fortnite Battle Royale' On The Nintendo Switch Would …

Mar 17, 2018 · We've still heard nothing about 'Fortnite Battle Royale' on Switch. But after the mobile port it's hard to imagine it's not being worked on.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch available to download now …

12 days ago · Nintendo Switch owners, it's time to join the Fortnite craze.

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

12 days ago · Learn more details about Fortnite for Nintendo Switch and take a look at gameplay screenshots and videos.

Fortnite on Switchr/NintendoSwitch - reddit Being as Fortnite comes out July 25th and the switch supporting unreal 4.1, E3 Possibility? I would love to play...

Fortnite Coming to Nintendo Switch? – Game Rant

If a recent online rumor is to be believed, then Epic Games and People Can Fly's sandbox survival title Fortnite is in the works for the Nintendo Switch.

E3 2018: Fortnite Cross-Play On Switch Supports Xbox …

12 days ago · People on Switch can play against others on Xbox One, PC, and mobile; all that's left is PS4.

Fortnite on Switch - Forums

May 06, 2018 · It would be cool if the Nintendo Switch had Fortnite. I would be able to play on the go, and with other people on the Nintendo Switch. Plus, another feature

Fortnite on the Switch is exactly what you expect - CNET

12 days ago · Commentary: Fortnite works fine on the Nintendo Switch, but it also fails to take advantage of the system's unique aspects... so far.

Nintendo Confirms ‘Fortnite’ for Nintendo Switch – …

“On Nintendo Switch, ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ is the same game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile,” Epic Games said in a release. “Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates. With Switch, you can squad up with your friends in the same room or around ...