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“We are all unpaid actors in some giant script that we didn’t write,” Kanye West said on the latest episode of a late-night talk show, […]

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Mindset and motivation for men who want more out of life. To find out more, check out my blog and podcast at

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Mike Cernovich rose to prominence on the back of his male supremacist rhetoric before latching on to the racist and misogynistic so-called “alt-right.” He has since distanced himself from the "alt-right" after it became a liability for his brand, but still embodies its informational style, as well as its affinity for conspiracy theories and ...

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Mike Cernovich. 398,335 likes · 37,142 talking about this. Mike Cernovich's official Facebook page.

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Mike Cernovich, who helped get James Gunn fired from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise over rape tweets, has also tweeted a lot about rape

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Apr 05, 2017 ·  · President Trump has frequently derided the news media as “fake news,” and on Tuesday his son, Donald Trump Jr., told the world there was one person he wants to see win the Pulitzer Prize, the highest honor in American journalism: Mike Cernovich. Congrats to @Cernovich for breaking the #SusanRice ...

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Mike Cernovich is an American blogger, conspiracy theorist, and prominent member of the Alt-right, though he has denied allegiance to the group and prefers “new right” and “American nationalist.”

How a joke, and Mike Cernovich, got Sam Seder booted …

Dec 05, 2017 · In 2009, Sam Seder told a vulgar joke on Twitter that would eventually cost him a job he didn't yet have -- and make him a …