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When is Ramadan 2018

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Ramadan 2018 | When is Ramadan 2018?

Ramadan 2018 Ramadan in 2018 • Ramadan 2018. You can find the date of Ramadan in 2018, Ramadan 2018 calendar and the number of the remaining days. • Ramadan in 2018 is on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 and will continue to Thursday, June 14, 2018.

When is Ramadan 2018, what date does the holy month …

Ramadan 2018 celebrates the first time the Koran was revealed to Muhammad, according to Islamic belief. Muslims fast during the day

When is Ramadan in 2018? | News | Al Jazeera

Muslims in Turkey set to begin fasting for the holy month of Ramadan on Wednesday, May 16.

Ramadan 2018 (1439) Dates - When is Ramadan 2018 ...

Ramadan 2018 will begin on Thursday, 17th May 2018 (according to Saudi Arabia) and end on Thursday, 14th June 2018. Eid ul Fitr Date will be on Friday, 15th June 2018. This is the tentative date as the actual date is contingent on the sighting of the moon of Ramadan, the 9th month in the Islamic calendar.

When is Ramadan 2018? Ramadan Calendar 2018

Ramadan Calendar 2018: Here we also have recorded Ramzan beginning and ending date at the Ramzan Calendar 2018. The beginning date is

When is Ramadan in 2018? -

Ramadan in 2018 will start on Wednesday, the 16th of May (16/5/2018) and will continue for 30 days until Thursday, the 14th of June. Note that in the Muslim calander, a …