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Whole house fan systems draw air from your windows and doors in your living space, and then expel them through the attic. The air in the attic is typically 20-50 degrees hotter than the air inside your home. › Home › Home Improvement

Airscape 1.7 Whole House Fan review - YouTube

May 05, 2015 · Correction: the standby current to hold the dampers doors shut while the unit is off is by design.

AirScape 3.5e Whole House Fan Review - YouTube

Nov 05, 2015 · Customer installs and reviews his new AirScape 3.5e Whole House fan. Installation includes a removable grille and remote control. Filmed by the customer.

AirScape Whole House Fans

An AirScape whole house fan creates a wonderfully fresh living and sleeping environment, for a fraction of the cost of A/C. It's one of the best energy efficiency investments you can make, and one of the most enjoyable too.

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I had an Airscape 2.5e whole house fan installed in my 2000 square foot house. I talked to a few people who had these specific energy-efficient fans installed to get a decent idea that they would do the job.

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I own an Airscape Whole House Fan and want to make sure there's nothing I have to worry about. I tried asking Airscape Fans why Quiet Cool Whole House Fans was suing them, but they wouldn't respond to me.

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Whole House Fan Reviews. Whole house fans can be mounted in the attic of your home and will exhaust air from the home reducing the temperature of the attic and thus reducing your cooling bills. By purchasing a whole house fan you will be able to maintain more comfortable temperatures by circulating the attic air. The following whole house fans ...

Centric Air Whole House Fan - Best Whole House Fan ...

With skyrocketing energy prices, investing in a modern & energy efficient whole house fan by CentricAir is a smart financial decision! Our new style of ultra quiet whole house fans saves you money by slashing your cooling bills. Customer reviews: AirScape 1.7-XR Whole House Fan

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AirScape 1.7-XR Whole House Fan at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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The AirScape 4.4e Whole House Fan (WHF) delivers a maximum of 4,410 CFM (hence the 4.4 in the name) to your home. The "e" in the name represents the ECM motor used in the fan.. From the product website: