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Chuck Schumer - Wikipedia

Charles Ellis Schumer (/ ˈ ʃ uː m ər /; born November 23, 1950) is an American politician of the Democratic Party serving as the senior United States Senator from New York, a seat he was first elected to in 1998.Since 2017 he also is the Senate Minority Leader.He first defeated three-term Republican incumbent Al D'Amato 55% to 44% before being …

Sen. Chuck Schumer vows to oppose Kavanaugh …

Sen. Chuck Schumer tells "CBS This Morning" that he will work to oppose President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with "everything I've got", adding that he's confident there will be a majority in the Senate that will do the same. "President Trump with the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh ...

Chuck Schumer - Official Site

Chuck Schumer is campaigning for the opportunity to continue serving New Yorkers -- and all Americans -- in the U.S. Senate.

Chuck Schumer warns President Trump about his …

Jul 05, 2018 · Schumer told Trump that picking a justice hostile to the Roe v. Wade ruling or Obamacare would be "cataclysmic."

Opinion | Chuck Schumer: Our Rights Hang in the …

Jul 02, 2018 · Abortion rights and affordable health care will be endangered if the Senate does not resist President Trump’s expected nominee to the Supreme Court.

Poor Chuck Schumer - The Washington Post

5 days ago · Poor Chuck Schumer. Those are not words I ever expected to write. The leader of the Senate Democrats is a smart cookie (perfect SAT score: just ask him!) from Brooklyn back when Brooklyn was Brooklyn, before the arrival of man buns and artisanal cheese.He’s the son of an exterminator, pronounced ’stermunatuh, for chrissake.
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Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn No-Show | The Nation

12 days ago · Constituents held an impromptu rally and vented their anger at a cardboard cutout of the senator.
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Chuck Schumer - Official Site

07.08.18 schumer reveals: many used cars—damaged in last summer's hurricanes—are now being sold with no notification to consumers that cars have been damaged by flooding; buyers must be notified of other damages—but not hurricane flooding; senator urges feds to expose ‘hurricane cars’ using law on books; 07.03.18 holding back …

Sen. Manchin: Chuck Schumer can 'kiss my you know …

2 days ago · It’s beginning to look as if Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is going to receive bipartisan support. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from the red state of West Virginia left no uncertainty about what he thinks of Senate Minority Leader Schumer’s push to oppose Kavanaugh.
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