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The Show Must Go on: The Life of Freddie Mercury: …

Better choices: Freddie Mercury: The Definitive Biography and Freddie Mercury: The Show Must Go On (not to be confused with Mr. Sky's work.) The International Queen Fan Club recommends Lesley-Anne Jones' "Definitive Biography" as the most accurate depiction of … › … › Biographies & Memoirs › Arts & Literature

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"The Show Must Go On", written primarily by guitarist Brian May, is a song by English rock band Queen and is featured as the twelfth and final track on their 1991 album Innuendo. As on the previous album, The Miracle, all songs on Innuendo were credited to the band as a whole.

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The Single version of The Show Must Go On was released in the UK, the US, Germany, Italy, France and Australia and was available on cassette, 7", 12" and CD. There was various other tracks alongside it, depending on format and country.

8. ‘The Show Must Go On’ – Rolling Stone

He wrote the song on the piano and then dubbed in vocals by Brian May and Roger Taylor, making the trio sound like a full choir. It was a huge hit that year, reaching Number 13 in America. George Michael delivered a stirring rendition of the tune at the 1992 Freddie Mercury tribute concert. › Music › Music Lists

11 things you might not know about the late, great Freddie ...

'The Show Must Go On': The final track on Mercury's final album with Queen was recorded just a few months before his death. Brian May was concerned about whether Mercury, who was suffering from AIDs and could barely walk, would be …

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Replace the word 'show' with 'life'. Its saying that there are hard times in life but we should carry on and still aim high. Freddie Mercury was very optimistic, even when he found … › Artists - Q

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Guitarist Brian May wrote this while lead singer Freddie Mercury was dying of AIDS. It was Mercury's last official album with Queen, and when it was released, very few people knew he had the disease. The lyrics are about the need to press on and make the most out of life while you can still enjoy it ...

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Freddie Mercury was in one of his mischievous moods. I had flown to Munich to interview him for a TV film which was being made to promote his solo album The Great Pretender. As the cameras rolled, Freddie became more and more mischievous, probably aided by the shots of vodka he consumed between the takes.

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The Show Must Go on: The Life of Freddie Mercury - …

THE SHOW MUST GO ON is a quick and easy read. The author wrote the book not long after Freddies' death so maybe that explains the lack of detail or excitement in the book.