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SpaceX Hyperloop competitions teams - Business Insider

Virginia Tech's Hyperloop team is composed of 29 undergraduate students and was one of three teams to secure the Pod Technical Excellence Award during the competition's design phase. The team's original pod was named Vhyper and was designed to use cold-gas propulsion to achieve 400 mph.

2018 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Pod Competition in January 2017, where they raced their Pods on a Hyperloop test track adjacent to SpaceX’s Hawthorne CA headquarters. A second …

Hyperloop One

Hyperloop will reinvent transportation to eliminate the barriers of distance and time. Hyperloop One will move people and goods, and unlock unprecedented value for governments, businesses, and consumers.

Hyperloop Competition 2018 Pod Run WARR Hyperloop

Jul 23, 2018 · We're excited to announce that our team WARR Hyperloop is the winner of the 2018 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition!!!!! We managed to go almost 50% faster tha...

SpaceX Hyperloop competition winners - Business Insider

WARR Hyperloop holds up their first prize trophy at SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod competition in Hawthorne, California. Reuters/Mike Blake German students took home first prize at SpaceX's Hyperloop competition that ran this weekend.

Hyperloop | SpaceX

In order to accelerate the development of functional prototypes and encourage student innovation, SpaceX announced the Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2015, which challenges university teams to design and build the best transport Pod.

3 Winners Named At Hyperloop Competition | CleanTechnica

Thirty teams assembled at SpaceX headquarters last weekend for the semi-final round of the Hyperloop Competition. The winner was the team from the University of Delft in the Netherlands. The final competition will take place this summer.

Hyperloop One picks Colorado as finalist, will study ...

Colorado was named one of the 10 finalists for the Hyperloop One competition to build a tunnel that will shoot pods between Cheyenne, Denver …

Hyperloop pod competition - Wikipedia

Hyperloop One | Global Challenge Winners

Explore the winning routes of Hyperloop One’s Global Challenge.