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Maria Reiche – the eccentric "governess" of the …

On what would have been her 115th birthday, Google has designed a Doodle celebrating mathematician Maria Reiche ... the Nazca Lines, armed with just a broom. Maria ...

Maria Reiche: The Governess of Nazca | Ancient Origins

Today, the birthday of the German lady who contributed greatly to our understanding of the famous Nazca Lines in Peru, is being marked by Google Doodle and others.

Maria and the Stars of Nazca

>Maria and the Stars of Nazca, by Anita Jepson-Gilbert, is a bilingual children’s picture book depicting the Nazca Lines of Peru and their discoverer Maria Reiche.

Maria Reiche - Wikipedia

Maria Reiche (15 May 1903 – 8 June 1998) was a German-born Peruvian mathematician, archaeologist, and technical translator.She is best known for her research into the Nazca Lines, which she discovered together with American historian Paul Kosok in 1940.

Maria Reiche: Who was the German governess who …

German mathematician Maria Reiche (1903-98), known for her pioneering work into Peru's ancient Nazca Lines, was born in Dresden 115 years ago today. Honoured in today's Google Doodle, Reiche became obsessed with solving one of Latin America's greatest mysteries: why did the land's ancient people carve giant bird and animal … › News › Science

María Reiche, la guardiana del misterio del desierto de Nazca

María Reiche se enamoró de la nada ... miraban a Maria Reiche con desconfianza y hasta de ... Nacional de Lima y María Reiche fue enterrada en Nazca, ... › Ciencia

Maria Reiche und die Linien von Nasca -

Maria Reiche und die Linien von Nasca. Informationen zu den Zeichnungen auf der Hochebene von Nasca. Geoglyphen in der Pampa von Nasca, Peru

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Die deutsche Wissenschaftlerin Maria Reiche aus Dresden hat die geheimnisvollen Riesenbilder in der Wüste über 40 Jahre erforscht, vermessen und sich maßgeblich ...

Maria Reiche Nazca Lines Theory

Maria Reiche Nazca Lines Theory - In 1946 Maria Reiche would discover many more solstice markers and begin her life's work, mapping the celestial matrix of the Nazca

Maria Reiche: the scientist who studied the mysterious ...

May 15, 2018 · Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 115th birthday of Maria Reiche, a German mathematician who became known as the "Lady of the Lines," the scientist known for studying these so-called Nazca Lines.
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