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Registered Nurse Malpractice Insurance - Liability Insurance

Registered Nurse Liability Insurance Policy Benefits. CM&F offers Registered Nurse (RN) malpractice insurance to individuals interested in protecting themselves with superior liability insurance. CM&F Group offers the most comprehensive and lowest cost liability policy in the market today for nurses.

Malpractice Insurance Nursing Professionals

NSO is the largest provider of nurse's malpractice insurance in the country and is endorsed by more than 30 national and state nursing associations. NSO was founded to provide malpractice insurance to nursing professionals.

Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses and ... - HPSO

Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses and Nurse Practitioner As a nurse, nurse practitioner, or nursing student, you may nee d professional liability insurance protection that goes beyond your employer-provided coverage.

NSO - Official Site

“NSO is the only malpractice insurance I'll ever have.” “Working as a Nurse Practitioner, I was sued by a non-compliant patient. The best …

Nursing Malpractice Insurance - Liability Coverage ...

One thing nursing school can’t teach you is how to avoid a lawsuit. Many surgeons and physicians carry professional liability insurance, and nurses need nursing liability insurance as well. Nomatter whether you're an RN, CNA, or an LPN, there's quality coverage out there that meets your needs.

Student Nurse | Professional Malpractice Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance protects you against covered claims arising from real or alleged errors or omissions, including negligence, in the course of your professional duties. Remember, legal defense and settlement costs are paid in …

Nurses Liability Insurance | Lockton Health

Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses We Protect Nurses. From preventive care to treatment of every ailment known to man, the scope of services nurses perform is remarkable. As one of the most respected and fastest-growing professions, nursing is also an occupation that’s seen an increase in malpractice claims in recent years. …

Nurses Professional Liability Insurance

Malpractice Insurance for Nurses As a nurse, your risk of being named in a malpractice lawsuit continues to climb, and the results from such a lawsuit can be financially devastating. Many nurses have learned the hard way that they cannot rely solely on their employers for professional liability coverage.